Our Story

       Phillip and Elizabeth were not new to the downtown of St. Ignace as they previously owned and operated the Colonial House Inn Bed & Breakfast (located just down the street) for many years. During this time Elizabeth was directly involved with the St. Ignace Business Association (SIBA) and the Chamber of Commerce. An interest arose concerning the overall appearance with regard to the downtown where an unusually large building stood empty for several years. Historically, the store was built in the 1956 as a department store named, Highstone’s. Later it became a Ben Franklin (a five and dime store) also known as the V & S Variety store. The size of this building was incredible and begged for attention. Today, there are five (5) independent stores located within this space. Elizabeth designed the building to accommodate those five stores to be rented opening in May 2003. The desired dream became a reality as all stores were rented and remained until 2008 when the financial market crashed. Now, Phil and Elizabeth maintain all five stores themselves and they are:

1. The Winery: we feature the largest selection of domestic and international wines in the area. Also offered are craft beers for your enjoyment. July through mid-September we have wine tasting Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 5-7 P.M. We feature Michigan wines and selected hors d’oeuvres. Please join us!!!

2. Oh Baby, Baby: An upscale shop featuring the most adorable gifts and apparel for your precious little one.

3. The Kitchen Cupboard reflects an eclectic assortment of kitchen accessories and decorative items for the home. We are presently featuring a Cardinal display of magical ornaments for the remembrance of loved ones.

4. The Coffee Society: Phil runs this coffee shop with both humor and expertise. He’ll prepare your Italian Espresso old world style or whip up your very favorite cappuccino or latte concoction. Don’t forget to grab a bag of our wonderful dark chocolate espresso beans or a fabulous handmade biscotti . . .DELICIOUS!!!!

5. The Savvy Chic Boutique celebrates the latest in lad’s fashion designs and accessories. Comfy is the word that best describes our selections. Find a summer hat, a great pair of jeans or a soft flowing dress. Practical, affordable, and sophisticated, all in one breath.